Commit 88d87f08 authored by 0x1337's avatar 0x1337


parent 3e8fc143
......@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ func (w *wizard) manageGenesis() {
fmt.Printf("Which block should Constantinople come into effect? (default = %v)\n", w.conf.Genesis.Config.ConstantinopleBlock)
w.conf.Genesis.Config.ConstantinopleBlock = w.readDefaultBigInt(w.conf.Genesis.Config.ConstantinopleBlock)
if w.conf.Genesis.Config.PetersburgBlock == nil {
w.conf.Genesis.Config.PetersburgBlock = w.conf.Genesis.Config.ConstantinopleBlock
w.conf.Genesis.Config.PetersburgBlock = w.conf.Genesis.Config.EIP158Block
fmt.Printf("Which block should Constantinople-Fix (remove EIP-1283) come into effect? (default = %v)\n", w.conf.Genesis.Config.PetersburgBlock)
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