Commit 77e5ca85 authored by 0x1337's avatar 0x1337


parent 21301456
......@@ -1174,19 +1174,18 @@ func (bc *BlockChain) insertChain(chain types.Blocks, verifySeals bool) (int, []
// Falls through to the block import
// Some other error occurred, abort
case err != nil:
stats.ignored += len(it.chain)
bc.reportBlock(block, nil, err)
return it.index, events, coalescedLogs, err
//Check if there is a penatly value in chain
case errChain == ErrDelayTooHigh:
stats.ignored += len(it.chain)
bc.reportBlock(block, nil, errChain)
return it.index, events, coalescedLogs, errChain
//Check if there is a penatly value in chain
// No validation errors for the first block (or chain prefix skipped)
for ; block != nil && err == nil; block, err = {
// If the chain is terminating, stop processing blocks
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