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<p class="bold">1) Who should vote?</p>
<p class="paragraph">We believe the legitimate voters should be players who have PIRL in their wallets or operate a Masternode for PIRL network.
<p class="paragraph">Anyone with PIRL in thier wallets can vote. We know that many have PIRL locked up in masternode contracts, Their votes also are counted. The amount of PIRL in the wallet (including wallets that funded the masternode contracts) will be counted as votes. In other words a wallet with 10 PIRL would be counted as 10 votes. If that same wallet used also is currently funding a premium active masternode contract will be counted as its stake + balance = 20,000+10.
<p class="paragraph">The weight of vote of masternode operators is equal to:</p>
<p class="paragraph">20000 PIRL for Premium Masternode + amount of the wallet</p>
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<p class="paragraph">Exchanges wallets are not able to vote.</p>
<p class="bold">2) So we are going to count heads?</p>
<p class="paragraph">No. We are going to count coins, in this case, PIRL. How many PIRL you have, how many votes you have.</p>
<p class="bold">3) How to vote?</p>
<p class="paragraph">Simply, select your response - YES or NO address. The transaction itself serves as a message of the vote.</p>
<p class="bold">3) How do I vote?</p>
<p class="paragraph">It is Simple, select your choice - option 1, or option 2, pick your keystore json wallet file, and submit the wallets password. The transaction itself serves as a message of the vote.</p>
<p class="bold">4)Ummm. Do I have to use this page to vote?</p>
<p class="paragraph">Absolutely NOT! It is just for convenience. You can also send directly to the addresses. We do not want pirl sent, only the transaction is needed. So copy the address you want to vote for, and send 0 Pirl to it. All transactions require gas to make it into the chain, so if you use the web wallet, MEW, or nautilus or any other method, include at least the mimimum amount of needed gas (30,000 gas = 0.0006 PIRL) to get the vote to count.</p>
<p class="paragraph">The PIRLs under the “from” address of the transaction will be considered a unanimous batch of ballots that support or oppose the proposal of a hard fork. </p>
<p class="paragraph"> For the transactions to be done successfully, a minimum amount of transaction fee of 30,000 gas (0.0006 PIRL) is required.</p>
<p class="paragraph">Your pirls are safe in your wallets. We won’t collect or lock money.</p>
<p class="bold">4) How’s the vote counted?</p>
<p class="paragraph">Your PIRL is safe in your own wallets. We will not collect or lock money.</p>
<p class="bold">5) How is the vote counted?</p>
<p class="paragraph">Our fork dynamically calculates the PIRL that has gone to the two sides as the vote is going on.</p>
<p class="paragraph">So you can change your mind, you can overwrite your vote by resending your message or move the PIRLs from the addresses that have participated so as to suggest that you are abstaining from the vote as the PIRL won’t be able to be counted as votes anymore.</p>
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