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<h4 style="margin-left: 30%">PIRL Community Vote</h4>
<h3 style="margin-left: 40%">Why? - BACKGROUND</h3>
<h4 align="center">PIRL Community Vote</h4>
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<h3 align="center">BACKGROUND</h3>
<p>As you may or may not be aware, Cryptopia Limited (“Cryptopia”), the New Zealand based corporation that operated Cryptopia, suffered a security breach on or around January 14, 2019.
This fact was publicly announced by Cryptopia the following day, January 15, 2019 (, after initially describing the security breach and subsequent halt in all market trading as “unscheduled maintenance” (
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<p><a style="color: blue;" :href="''"> And here</a></p>
<p class="text-bold">PIRL developers have attempted to contact the Cryptopia to confirm if they control the private keys to the PIRL contract wallet with no success.</p>
<h3 style="margin-left: 40%">DISCUSSION</h3>
<h3 align="center">DISCUSSION</h3>
<p>The PIRL developers and community are deeply dismayed and frustrated with the events unfolding at Cryptopia. </p>
<p>While Cryptopia publicly claimed to be a transparent and honest exchange (<a style="color: blue;" :href="''">see last paragraph</a>) their lack of communication prior to the appointment of Liquidators was cause for concern. This could be due to the criminal investigation currently undertaken by New Zealand Law Enforcement Organizations, or other factors. We do not know.</p>
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<p>This keeps the total number of PIRL created the same.</p>
<p>The funds in Cryptopia contract wallet would be effectively suspended on the new chain, and will still be usable on the old one. The new chain will still have the same number of coins total, and all other wallets would be unaffected. This is a safety measure as what we see if basically, an exchange that locked up around 7 million PIRL that are not theirs, and is not allowing a method to retrieve them. To add to that, they are also dissolving as a company, and most likely the infrastructure needed to make withdrawals for users happen is being disabled as you read this.</p>
<h3 style="margin-left: 40%;">Vote</h3>
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<h3 align="center">Vote</h3>
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<h4 style="margin-left: 20%;">Our fork Voting Mechanism</h4>
<h4 align="center">Our fork Voting Mechanism</h4>
<div style="margin-left: 10%;">
<p class="bold">1) Who should vote?</p>
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