Commit e1129de3 authored by MigueKun's avatar MigueKun

fix http port variable

parent 5a674b02
......@@ -5,10 +5,10 @@ config :block_scout_web, BlockScoutWeb.Endpoint,
force_ssl: false,
secret_key_base: "RMgI4C1HSkxsEjdhtGMfwAHfyT6CKWXOgzCboJflfSm4jeAlic52io05KB6mqzc5",
check_origin: false,
http: [port: 80],
http: [port: System.get_env("PORT")],
url: [
scheme: "http",
port: 80
port: System.get_env("PORT")
config :block_scout_web, BlockScoutWeb.Tracer, env: "production", disabled?: true
......@@ -16,4 +16,4 @@ config :block_scout_web, BlockScoutWeb.Tracer, env: "production", disabled?: tru
config :logger, :block_scout_web,
level: :info,
path: Path.absname("logs/prod/block_scout_web.log"),
rotate: %{max_bytes: 52_428_800, keep: 19}
rotate: %{max_bytes: 52_428_800, keep: 5}
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