Commit 3cdbdf29 authored by MigueKun's avatar MigueKun

rpc and ws ports changed to default

parent 983d48fa
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ config :indexer,
transport: EthereumJSONRPC.HTTP,
transport_options: [
http: EthereumJSONRPC.HTTP.HTTPoison,
url: System.get_env("ETHEREUM_JSONRPC_HTTP_URL") || "http://localhost:7545",
url: System.get_env("ETHEREUM_JSONRPC_HTTP_URL") || "http://localhost:6588",
http_options: [recv_timeout: :timer.minutes(1), timeout: :timer.minutes(1), hackney: [pool: :ethereum_jsonrpc]]
variant: EthereumJSONRPC.Ganache
......@@ -15,6 +15,6 @@ config :indexer,
transport: EthereumJSONRPC.WebSocket,
transport_options: [
web_socket: EthereumJSONRPC.WebSocket.WebSocketClient,
url: System.get_env("ETHEREUM_JSONRPC_WS_URL") || "ws://localhost:7545"
url: System.get_env("ETHEREUM_JSONRPC_WS_URL") || "ws://localhost:6589"
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