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Now you can visit `serverip:80`.
_Additional runtime options:_
* Run Phoenix Server with IEx (Interactive Elixer)
`iex -S mix phx.server`
* Run Phoenix Server with real time indexer
`iex -S mix phx.server`
### Automating Restarts
By default `blockscout` does not restart if it crashes. To enable automated
restarts, set the environment variable `HEART_COMMAND` to whatever you run to
start `blockscout`. You can configure the heart beat timeout, which will change
how long it will wait before considering the application to be unresponsive. At
that point, it will kill the current blockscout and execute `HEART_COMMAND`.
By default a crash dump is not written unless you set `ERL_CRASH_DUMP_SECONDS`
to a positive or negative integer. See the documentation for
[heart]( for more information.
### Umbrella Project Organization
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