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9. Update your JSON RPC Endpoint in `apps/explorer/config/prod/` and `apps/indexer/config/prod/`
For the `variant` chosen in step 8, enter the correct information for the corresponding JSON RPC Endpoint in `parity.exs`, `geth.exs`, or `ganache.exs`
10. Start Phoenix Server.
10. Start Phoenix Server as service:
It has a preconfigure settings for enviroment, changes can be made directly without editing the config files:
Edit environment file to meet your system settings: [environment](
export PORT=80
export ETHEREUM_JSONRPC_CASE="EthereumJSONRPC.Case.Geth.HTTPWebSocket"
export ETHEREUM_JSONRPC_HTTP_URL="http://localhost:8545"
export ETHEREUM_JSONRPC_TRACE_URL="http://localhost:8545"
export ETHEREUM_JSONRPC_WS_URL="ws://localhost:8546"
export COIN=PIRL
export MIX_ENV=prod
mix phx.server
cp blockscout.service /etc/systemd/system/blockscout.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable blockscout.service
systemctl start blockscout.service
Now you can visit `serverip:80`.
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