Commit 08c2b876 authored by Niklas Engblom's avatar Niklas Engblom

Minor text fixes to onboarding

parent 158ac7f3
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ ONBOARD_interface_content__2 : 'The handling of your keys happens entirely o
ONBOARD_interface_content__3 : 'We never transmit, receive or store your private key, password, or other account information.',
ONBOARD_interface_content__4 : 'We do not charge a transaction fee.',
ONBOARD_interface_content__5 : 'You are simply using our **interface** to interact **directly with the blockchain**.',
ONBOARD_interface_content__6 : 'If you send your *public key (address)* to someone, they can send you ETH or tokens. 👍',
ONBOARD_interface_content__6 : 'If you send your *public key (address)* to someone, they can send you PIRL or tokens. 👍',
ONBOARD_interface_content__7 : 'If you send your *private key* to someone, they now have full control of your account. 👎',
ONBOARD_bank_title__alt : 'MPW isn\'t a Bank',
ONBOARD_blockchain_title__alt : 'WTF is a Blockchain?',
......@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ ONBOARD_secure_title : 'How To Protect Yourself & Your Funds',
ONBOARD_secure_1_title : 'How To Protect Yourself from Phishers',
ONBOARD_secure_1_content__1 : 'Phishers send you a message with a link to a website that looks just like MyPirlWallet, EtherDelta, Paypal, or your bank, but is not the real website. They steal your information and then steal your money.',
ONBOARD_secure_1_content__2 : 'Install [EAL]( or [MetaMask]( or [Cryptonite by Metacert]( or the [MyEtherWallet Chrome Extension]( to block malicious websites.',
ONBOARD_secure_1_content__3 : 'Always check the URL: ``.',
ONBOARD_secure_1_content__3 : 'Always check the URL: ``.',
ONBOARD_secure_1_content__4 : 'Always make sure the URL bar has `MYETHERWALLET INC` in green.',
ONBOARD_secure_1_content__5 : 'Do not trust messages or links sent to you randomly via email, Slack, Reddit, Twitter, etc.',
ONBOARD_secure_1_content__6 : 'Always navigate directly to a site before you enter information. Do not enter information after clicking a link from a message or email.',
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